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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Best Dinner You ever Had! by Curt James Byrum

What is the best meal you’ve ever had?
10 Nov 2008 / Blog This!
What is the best meal you’ve ever had?For myself, it was the food I ate at my wedding. Maybe, because it was prepared by my bride’s sisters with so much love?I had previously thought this meal would be impossible to top, until…I had the pleasure to enjoy the delectable tastings of

Chef Mayra Trabulse’! A.K.A Dr. Flavor ( This spunky, yet sophisticated Latin-born, Cuban Lebanese lady prepares a powerful blend of soulfully inspired meals that are laced with Jamaican and Latin Caribbean goodness. Every bite of her food has it’s own unique taste. Hence, the nickname. This last weekend , I was fortunate to have been invited to a Vegan-Caribbean style dinner at the home of our gracious editor Kaati and sponsored by Stephanie Tejada of Strawberry Creek Collection(Gourmet Condiments).

My wife has been on a healthier eating path, so I was obliged to escort her three hours East to Nevada to attend the feast. Shortly before the meal, a soft spoken red headed whirlwind,

Chef Mayra announced, ” the foods-a-comin’! Are you ready?” A four course meal that began with Chef Mayra’s Signature Salsas’, bean and veggie, both capable of attaining unabashed mouth watering guiltless satiety. Next, a sultry five herb and four spice salad that could make the least virginal pallets among us blush. Followed by a vivacious explosion of cooking chemistry, a tremendous tempura tofu with jerk sauce and a touch of pineapple sweetness. Caribbean fusion egg rolls kissed with chipotle and cranberry chutney. Are you envious yet? You needn’t be…Chef Mayra is available for private hostings. Along with Latin-style rice and peas that could have been a meal all by itself, sides of sweet Cuban plantains. Served lastly, a crescendo of melted madness drizzled over vegan desert cake winked with a raspberry kiss to seal the deal. Hands down , best meal I’ve ever had! The combinations of herbs and spices cooked without animal bi-products left me feeling joyously satisfied and nearly speechless.Later, I was able to sit down with Mayra and ask her a few questions about the origins of her passion and the secrets of her unique presentation.Let me just say first, that meeting Chef Mayra is like meeting Lucy and Ricky Riccardo of “I love Lucy” all mixed into one person! Her spirited character compliments her food very well. She learned to cook as a young child in Mexico City, Mexico. “I would wake up early with the maid and help prepare food. My family life was a bit dysfunctional, so cooking helped to bring the family together under one banner of happiness.” She says, “It was a way I could receive positive attention.” She is quick to point out that food doesn’t make you happy, but we are happy to have food! No doubt, we are thankful that the creator has blessed us with her talents. She is a teaching chef, so I asked her what is one important thing she has learned along the way. Her answer,”People all over are missing pleasure without guilt”. She saw a need and filled that need. She says, “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it that makes the difference!” Amen, Selah, and Aho to that! After enjoying one of her delicious dinners, people often find themselves confessing their edible oddities and sinful secrets to her. She often tells them, “We just need to eat according to our design. We can rid disease by listening to the recipes of nature. To simplify. We sometimes need to go back to our roots to move ahead.” “Let the vegetables talk to you, instead of popping a Viagra, we need to slice open an Omega rich aphrodisiac Avocado!” She is filled with a wealth of wisdom and has the determination, drive, and focus to deliver her intentions with precision through a bevy of vibrational raising rations. Praise Jah for our food and for those who prepare it.
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