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Monday, May 4, 2009

Wake up to Breakfast!

Wake up to Breakfast!

Simple breakfast ideas for the vegan or non vegan.
It's no secret that breakfast can be the trickiest
meal for vegans when away from home. There are
inevitably eggs or dairy in any menu option
available. This is just another reason I adore having
overnight guests, so that I may delight their
awakening taste buds with yummy breakfast
goodness that is 100% vegan.
Let me take a moment to revisit a couple of things
about "Eating Vegan." In starting the transition to a
vegan diet, there are a few different strategies.

Some people shift into a vegan diet slowly, starting
with vegan 'analogues'— plant‐based foods whose
taste resembles animal products. Others simply
take out the animal products from their diet and
replace them with plant foods with which they're
already familiar.
Still others concentrate on experimenting with entirely
new vegan foods, often from international cuisines.
Thankfully, there is no shortage of vegan foods to help
make the transition. In fact, most of the food we eat is vegan,
without us knowing it!

Replacing Eggs

There are several options, depending on what they
are needed for. You may want to experiment. Here
are some possibilities (each quantity is equivalent
to 1 egg):

• 1 tbsp. gram (chick pea) or soya flour and 1
tbsp. water

• 1 tbsp. arrowroot, 1 tbsp. soya flour and 2
tbsp. water

• 2 tbsp. flour, 1/2 tbsp. shortening, 1/2 tsp
baking powder and 2 tsp. water

• 50g tofu blended with the liquid portion of
the recipe

• ½ of a large banana, mashed

• 50 ml white sauce

A word of caution, however: approaching these replacements for meat, dairy, and egg by expecting
them to tast
e identical will be setting yourself up
for disappointment.
The texture and taste of animal products is impossible
to duplicate completely. That said, once you learn not to expect
that same taste and texture you'll find the
alternatives quite delicious in their own right!

Breakfast ‐ Simple Meal Ideas
• Cereal or granola with nondairy milk
• Oatmeal or other hot cereal
• Vegan Bagel or toast with organic jelly
• Pancakes
• Soy or coconut yogurt
• Fruit smoothie
• Vegan Crepes
• Tofu Scramble
• Vegan Waffles
• Southwest skillets
MORE Ideas!
The essential daily basics, right?

• Soya, Rice, Almond, Hemp milk: long‐life
soya Rice, Almond, Hemp milk lasts for
months and is as good as the fresh stuff, so
you can keep it in stock. Use like cows' milk
in any cooking. Great on cereal.

Wake Up Smoothie!

½ cup of soymilk
½ cup of silken tofu
1/3 cup of creamy peanut butter
2 bananas, frozen
2 tbsp. of organic chocolate syrup
Combine the soymilk, tofu, and peanut
butter in a blender. Add the bananas,
chocolate syrup, and ice cubes as desired.
Blend until smooth.

The Chef's Last Thoughts
I like to start my days with fruit or smoothies. Some
days I'm not really into more than that. Other days,
however, the "growlies" take over and I need
something really satisfying. Even when I'm really
hungry, I'll still start out with some fruit.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people do
not eat breakfast! VEGAN or NOT Vegan.
From trades‐people to service providers,
executives to kids, real estate agents to bankers,
they do not eat the meal that breaks the fast, the
meal that would make them stronger, healthier
and much easier to be around.

I have found that people who do not eat breakfast
are extremely cranky. VEGAN or NOT Vegan
Some say they have no time. Well, if you have time
to get dressed, you have time to eat something.
Get up earlier to exercise, meditate and eat

A benefit from eating breakfast is that it helps you
maintain or even lose weight and it is better for the
brain, and me, especially if I have to talk business
with you. So, do yourself, your co‐workers, your
mate, your kids and your friends a favor.
Eat breakfast!

Stay Green, Lean and Sexy…With an "Animal Free" lifestyle

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